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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's blowup at President Obama

Gov. Jan Brewer's blowup at the president on an airport tarmac is emblematic of the Arizona GOP's increasing extremism, and it may be turning off voters. 
"Shortly after Gov. Jan Brewer and President Barack Obama sucker punched each other on an airport tarmac in Arizona, the governor made her usual rounds on Fox News. Smiling from behind what appeared to be professionally applied makeup, Brewer was interviewed by Sean Hannity’s stand-in, Monica Crowley.
The Arizona governor explained that she, warm-hearted, had welcomed the president to Arizona, handed him a letter and asked to meet with him. But, she said, the thin-skinned president didn’t like the way their meeting at the White House in 2010 was characterized in her “truth-telling book.” (She wrote that the president was condescending.) Too bad, Brewer lamented to Crowley, that with America facing such serious problems, the president had to make the conversation all about him."
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer points at Presid…

Widespread Use of Torture in Libya

“Torture and death in detention have become widespread problems in postwarLibya, international humanitarian groups said Thursday, a troubling indication that some Qaddafi-era abuses continue under the fractured rule of the country’s interim government and regionally organized militias.
Amnesty Internationalsaid in a statementthat “several” people had been tortured to death in detention “by officially recognized military and security entities,” as well as by “a multitude of armed militias.””

Assessing the UN

- How would you assess the United Nations? Do you think it should be reformed? If so, how?  - Do you believe it should be replaced by a new international body?

EU report: Israel policy in West Bank endangers two-state solution

“The European Union will direct its activities towards supporting the West Bank’s Palestinian population, a report by the European Heads of Mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah said on Thursday, over what the survey said was Israeli efforts to muscle out Palestinians from Area C. Area C noted in the report is part of a division of the West Bank stipulated by the Oslo Accords: Area A, where the Palestinian Authority has full civilian and security control; Area B, which is those parts of the West Bank that come under Israeli security control and Palestinian civilian control; and Area C, which is territories under full Israeli civilian and security control.”