Thursday, January 31, 2013

Israeli aggression against Syria

Those who remained silent at the Israeli aggression against Syria, or mocked Syria, should know that they stand on the same line with Israel. Remarkably, Nouri Al-Maliki's stance on the Israeli aggression against Syria is more honourable than that of many other Arab puppets.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israeli aggression on Syria

A communiqué issued by the Syrian Arab Army has just confirmed Israel’s aggression on a site in Damascus province.

Bearing in mind the so-called “donors conference” held in Kuwait in “support” of the Syrian people:

  • Will Arab States request a Security Council meeting on the Israeli act of aggression against one of the most important Arab countries - Syria? Of course, not !
  • Will Arab States request an international condemnation of the Israeli aggression against Syria? Of course, not !
  • Why doesn’t Nabil Al-Arabi call for action under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, in response to the Israeli aggression against an Arab country?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mali: military intervention or military occupation?

“This is only the first phase. It is going to take time. I think people should not be into the illusion that it is going to be quick,” said Yamamoto, the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs. “It is going to take a long time and time means that it could take several years…”

Universal Periodic Review: for Israel's eyes

"With it came a great improvement: the Universal Periodic Review. Finally, aprocess applied consistently to all states was at hand, and in its first cycle of reviews, it worked. It is ironic that Israel is now undermining a mechanism that was designed to remedy the bias Israel protested against."

Human Rights situation in UAE: unparalleled !

Anwar Gargash, UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs before the UN Human Rights Council: “… the level of protection of human rights already achieved represents a significant success.” 

But read this report

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

David Cameron's Britain-Europe speech

David Cameron claims a European Union cut to Britain's size. Using UK's membership of the EU, Cameron's Britain-Europe speech is obviously meant to give a boost to his re-election campaign.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Send us your minerals, Africa

“At its worst, it was a rotten system that served established interests - in France as well as in African states - with, at its heart, a devil's bargain: you stay tame and send us your minerals, and when we need it, under-the-counter cash. In return, from time-to-time, we will send in French troops to save your presidential mightiness from the mob.”

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Human Rights Watch: Mali's Army Killing Civilians In Town Of Niono

“Human Rights Watch said on Saturday it had received credible reports of serious abuses, including killings, being committed by Malian security forces against civilians around the central town of Niono.”

NATO: not the world's policeman

I watched this morning an interview with NATO’s Rasmussen on Euronews. He said: “NATO can’t be the world’s policeman”. He actually meant that NATO can be so, if and when it so wishes, and even without a Security Council authorization. I haven’t forgotten its illegal bombing campaign  against Serbia (Operation Allied Force).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few thoughts on the war in Mali

The question which occurs to the mind of everybody: is the war in Mali legitimate or justified?
According to the press, Hollande had already planned this war since the month of December !
What was the objective of France and what is its objective at this moment?
The Élysée (the Presidential Palace) understood one thing: "using Sarkozy's recipe", i.e.: make out a flashlight on the international scene ! When he saw himself way down in the gallop, Sarkozy went on to reorganize things at the international level - including the eventuality of going to war !
As for me, I think this war is neither legitimate nor justified. Firstly, the UN Security Council didn’t authorize any military action in Mali. Secondly, Hollande went to war alone in Mali. He has dragged his country into the war only to fight back the unpopularity of his own government ! No doubt an incessant fight should be led against religious extremist elements but not this way - Hollande's war is purely electoral ! The political thinking of Hollande and the Socialist Party lies in 2014 France’s municipal elections and European Parliament elections, and 2017 - meaning, the Presidential elections.
Furthermore, the French military intervention in Mali proved once again that a single European Union defence policy doesn’t exist. By going alone to Mali, France has put the interests of other EU Member States at risk. This is a strategic mistake.
Beyond the domestic political thinking, there lie as well economic interests, especially in Mali.
In conclusion, Hollande has adopted Sarkozy's recipe: when you lose popularity at the national level, shine at the international one, even by declaring war. Hollande also went to Mali with an eye on 2014 French municipal elections and European elections, and on 2017 Presidential elections.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Military intervention

The so-called "humanitarian intervention" (military intervention) has emerged as an "exception". It seems that it is becoming a rule.

The intervention in Mali could drag more countries into the "quagmire", and could further spread on to other countries.

I advise you to study the World map very well: every now and then we hear of a new military intervention.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

French intervention and Mali

France is officially an interventionist State, in terms of international relations.

French intervention in Mali: bad news, and good news

The bad news: France has launched a military intervention in Mali without authorization of the Security Council under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

The good news: had the Security Council adopted a resolution authorizing intervention in Mali – under Chapter VII of the UN Charter – it would have certainly exempted “foreign troops and personnel” from criminal responsibility, as it had previously done in Darfur and Libya. On this basis, any war crimes that might be committed by French forces could be subject to prosecution.

Bab Al-Shams village evicted

Israeli security forces have just raided Bab Al-Shams village in E1 area, evacuating and arresting activists.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bab Al-Shams village and Israeli settlements

It's not the legal Bab Al Shams village that is the issue, but the Israeli settlements built illegally on expropriated Palestinian soil that should be dismantled.

Israel evicts Bab Al-Shams village

Israel decided to evict “Bab Al-Shams village” in E1 area. This village can now be added to the list of evicted Palestinian villages.

The Syrian situation

It is no secret that the situation in Syria over the past 22 months has degenerated in the wrong direction. Several elements have intruded into Syria, which are completely alien to the Syrian society and do not match with its fabric and culture. As such, it is the duty of each and every Syrian to identify, reject and fight back those harmful elements.

On the other hand, hiding or distorting established facts - the existence of the abovementioned elements - serves no purpose and changes nothing on the ground. Denying is unhelpful.

Syria is at stake, and the situation therein needs honesty and wisdom. It is time to save the very existence of Syria and the Syrian society.


Women members of the Saudi Shura Council: breakthrough?

Arab media hailed the Saudi decision to appoint women as members of the Shura Council as a "breakthrough", while it is only a "breakdown".

Friday, January 11, 2013

France intervenes in Mali

France started a military intervention in Mali in "support" of the Government !

In one place, France supports "rebels", and in another it supports the government. This is hilarious !

It's really surprising that NATO didn't intervene in Mali. I thought it was the "guardian" of Humanity !

Until when will the West have a free hand in the Arab World and the African Continent?