Saturday, August 27, 2011

Liberals hail dawn of democracy in Libya

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Leader has hailed the "dawn of democracy in Libya" following the dramatic events in Tripoli.

"Back in March the ALDE Group took the initiative to invite  Dr Al-Issawi and Dr Mahmoud Gebil, two senior members of the National Interim  Council of Libya to come to Strasbourg  to hear directly from the Libyan rebels what support was needed in their struggle.  This was the first time that Libyan Rebels received international attention and given a platform to outline their needs in the fight for freedom.  At that moment, they were unequivocal in their request, recognition of the National Interim Council, guarantee the supply of humanitarian assistance and enforce a no-fly zone.
But  it was an up hill battle  to organise  meetings for them  with representatives from the Commission and Council  let alone asking for   recognition  of the Interim Council.   The  EU dragged their heels and ignored their responsibility toward the oppressed Libyan population until the 11th hour. We should not make this mistake again in the future, the demise of the Gaddafi regime shows how important it is for the international community to take immediate action when needed. "
He concluded by adding "The EU must now provide sustainable support  to help Libya in its transition towards democracy.  At this crucial moment in Libyan history our message to the Libyan population must be clear - we will be there to help you alleviate the humanitarian crisis, re-build your economy  and strengthen your  democratic movement ."

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