Thursday, February 21, 2013

Syrians should wake up

Syrians should wake up and realise that Arab countries seek the destruction of their country. If Arab regimes truthfully stand for democracy and human rights, then they should first apply democracy and respect human rights in their own countries.

Those regimes only export destructive elements to Syria. They also abuse Syrian refugees, and exploit their plight for filthy political objectives. How are we supposed to believe that Arab regimes want Syrians to enjoy freedom when they suppress their own peoples? We are not fools!

Furthermore, the media should stop the dirty role it plays against Syria. It in no way serves the interests of the Syrian people. Enough fabrication, sectarianism and incitement.

Arab regimes - with their media - are exploiting Syrians in a proxy war. They should be stopped, and should keep their malicious hands off Syria! None of them seeks the interests of Syria and the Syrian people.

Erdogan of Turkey, too, should stop playing his dirty role; he should lock up the borders with Syria. The West - which is the architect of the whole turmoil in Syria - should stop as well. The West and its puppets in the region have to leave Syria alone. And only then can there be a solution to the Syrian crisis. 

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