Monday, April 29, 2013

Croatia and Serbia 'Could Drop Genocide Law Suits'

“Croatian foreign minister Vesna Pusic said that after “big steps” were taken to find Croats missing since wartime, Zagreb and Belgrade could drop mutual allegations of genocide.
Speaking after meeting Serbian deputy prime minister Aleksandar Vucic in Zagreb on Monday, Pusic said that “space is opening up for talks on the withdrawal of law suits with Serbia” after “the first big steps” were made to find the bodies of Croats missing since the 1991-95 war.
“We are close to talking about the withdrawal of the law suits because we see that we’re really moving in finding the missing,” Pusic said.
Thirteen bodies were exhumed from two mass graves in the eastern Croatian village of Sotin last week after Serbia passed on information about where the bodies could be buried.
Vucic said that Serbia acted in the interests of justice.”

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