Transition of power in Qatar

Notice how the Qatari & co. media is amplifying the event in Qatar. It depicts the abdication of Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani as: a “historic” event, an “unprecedented” event, etc. A commentator even went to the extent of saying that what happened is the “utmost democracy”. Other commentators take pleasure in praising the “smooth transition of power” (why wouldn’t it be smooth when it goes from father to son and Qataris have no say?).

However, the above-mentioned media wants the viewer to focus only on the act of abdication. Needless to say, this is all done in order to divert attention from the core issue: no democracy exists in Qatar. So it’s not very surprising.

What is appalling, however, is that the British Foreign Secretary Hague described it - on Twitter - as a “historic day for Qatar”. How would the Foreign Secretary of a democratic country praise Al Thani family rule in Qatar? How would he commend the absence of democracy? He supports “democracy” in Syria, but dictatorship in Qatar? Of course, as long as a certain regime is a puppet of Western governments, it doesn’t matter whether it is democratic or not.

Back to the main point, no matter how much the Qatari media tries, it cannot cover up the fact that there is no democracy in Qatar, but only a dictatorship. And today, people were even kissing the hand of Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani !