Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Oslo Accords and Israel's "international standing"

“Following the 1991 Madrid Conference and the Oslo accords numerous countries that had previously not maintained diplomatic relations with Israel, including China and India, established such relations. The Arab Boycott, in its secondary and tertiary forms, which had existed until the early 1990s, more or less evaporated. For example, until the early 1990s the only Japanese car manufacturer willing to sell to Israel was Subaru.
The fact that Israel has been released from the direct administration of most of the Palestinians is a real relief, and in many spheres there is fruitful cooperation between Israel and the PA.” That’s the real issue: The
Oslo Accords have not ended the Israeli occupation. In fact, they have only exempted the occupation from its duties towards the occupied Palestinian people.

As a result of the Accords, the protracted Israeli occupation has become profitable for Israel; no duties, no responsibilities vis-à-vis Palestinians.

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