Wednesday, April 2, 2014

US is determined to isolate itself further: "Power: US opposes Palestinian moves to statehood"

“U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power told a House panel on Wednesday that the U.S. opposes all unilateral actions that the Palestinians take to statehood. She says there are no shortcuts to statehood, and that any unilateral actions could be "tremendously destructive" to the peace process.

1) The US Permanent Representative to the UN probably thinks that she has a “good sense of humor”, but this is certainly not the case.

2) We know that the US opposes anything that is related to Palestine and the Palestinian people. No news.

3) Taking unilateral actions is actually Israel’s “specialty”. It is only Israel which has always taken unilateral actions. Israel unilaterally and illegally annexed Jerusalem in 1967. Israel unilaterally and illegally annexed the Syrian Golan Heights in 1981. Israel unilaterally and illegally continues to annex Palestinian lands and to create facts on the ground, including through the illegal settlement policy and Separation Wall. Israel unilaterally and illegally attempts to determine the borders of the future Palestinian State. The list is too long ... 

4) Palestine’s latest moves can in no way be considered or described as “unilateral actions”. Palestine has never taken “unilateral actions”. Its decision to join international conventions is fully in line with international law. Turning to the UN is legal, and so is acceding to conventions/treaties. Furthermore, it is not a “unilateral action”, or an “illegal action”, to demand an end to Israeli violations of human rights. 

5) Palestinian legal (and not unilateral) actions are “tremendously destructive to the peace process”, but Israel’s unilateral and illegal actions are “not”, right?! The US considers itself a “peace sponsor”?! How despicable!

6) The US should try to have some ‘self-respect’, for a change.

7) The US can continue to oppose all Palestinian steps, although they are absolutely legal, but it will only isolate itself further.

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