Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Protesters run over nine policemen in Bahrain

"Two protesters rammed their vehicles into nine Bahraini policemen, making the violent incident the latest in the protest-hit Gulf state, an Al Arabiya correspondent reported on Tuesday.

The run-over incident by the two protesters who were arrested, left two of the policemen fatally wounded, the correspondent said"


  1. This is what these protestors been doing all along, and yet still claim their actions are "peacefull" the international media have been nothing but disgracefull in the way their reporting the events on Bahrain..they need to WAKE UP and realise this isn't syria or libya.

  2. Thank you Omar for your participation.
    On the one hand, running over policemen is not the way to protest or demand democracy. On the other hand, as I am not in Bahrain, I hope that the calls for democracy are not repressed by force.
    Waiting to hear more from you.