Thursday, November 3, 2011

Palestinian win in UNESCO doesn't mean total victory at UN

“The acceptance of the Palestinian Authority as permanent member of UNESCO didn't really cause a stir at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Much like the Geneva-based Human Rights Committee, whose priorities and voting patterns rarely cause a stir among the UN member states in New York, UNESCO, an independent organization, does not get much respect.

At the UN headquarters, there is widespread tacit criticism thatsome of its agencies and branches seem to discover excessive independence – a critique that turns bitter, especially when regarding initiatives directly related to the most pressing and divisive issues being discussed in New York.
Diplomats in New York say that the large majority of UN members which voted for Palestinian membership in UNESCO (106 for, 14 against), is an expression of adulation that the Palestinian issue has garnered across the world. Such adulation was a product of a process that reached an unprecedented peak during Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ September speech at the UN General Assembly.”

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