Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UN General Assembly general debate

UN General Assembly general debate is nothing but a social gathering.

It is ridiculous when a leader wonders at UNGA: "Why wouldn't the UN act?" As though the UN could act without the will of the Member States!

Obama was lecturing World leaders at UNGA, as usual.

Aren't World leaders ashamed of themselves when they sit like pygmies to hear a lecture by Obama?

The UN Headquarters should be moved out of the United States.

Joke of the day: dispatching Arab deterrent forces to Syria. The obnoxious calls for military intervention in Syria can be described as paltry, at best.

The common 6th operative clause of Security Council Resolutions 1593 (2005) and 1970 (2011) is sufficient to oppose military intervention. When the Security Council refers the situation in a certain State to the #ICC, it must do so without covering or exempting any party. 

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