Thursday, September 27, 2012

UNGA 67th session

Freedom of speech precludes walking out while your "adversary" is talking. Ironically, Obama gave a lengthy lecture yesterday about - inter alia - freedom of speech. Today the US delegation boycotted Ahmadinejad's address before UNGA.
Only by lifting the oppression inflicted on the Palestinian people that World leaders can proudly declare that "Justice has been done". President Mahmoud Abbas must address in his speech before UNGA the refusal by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of Palestine's acceptance of the Court's jurisdiction. "Without justice, there can be no peace" Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mursi needs to be reminded that the Palestinian question remains the cause of all times !
 Mursi of Egypt didn't dare to explicitly refer to the "Israeli occupation". He merely said "occupation". Mursi affirmed Egypt's commitment to international treaties and above all to the UN Charter. Most probably he meant to say Camp David Accords. Surprisingly, Mursi didn’t mention his clan.

The Security Council is now holding a meeting on the situation in the Middle East. The Moroccan Foreign Minister - at the Security Council - confused the Syrian people with the Palestinian one. No concentration ! The Moroccan Foreign Minister's words on human rights were impressive - except for not mentioning that in his country people must bow down before the King and almost kiss his feet, let alone the toddler Crown Prince !

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