Thursday, January 17, 2013

A few thoughts on the war in Mali

The question which occurs to the mind of everybody: is the war in Mali legitimate or justified?
According to the press, Hollande had already planned this war since the month of December !
What was the objective of France and what is its objective at this moment?
The Élysée (the Presidential Palace) understood one thing: "using Sarkozy's recipe", i.e.: make out a flashlight on the international scene ! When he saw himself way down in the gallop, Sarkozy went on to reorganize things at the international level - including the eventuality of going to war !
As for me, I think this war is neither legitimate nor justified. Firstly, the UN Security Council didn’t authorize any military action in Mali. Secondly, Hollande went to war alone in Mali. He has dragged his country into the war only to fight back the unpopularity of his own government ! No doubt an incessant fight should be led against religious extremist elements but not this way - Hollande's war is purely electoral ! The political thinking of Hollande and the Socialist Party lies in 2014 France’s municipal elections and European Parliament elections, and 2017 - meaning, the Presidential elections.
Furthermore, the French military intervention in Mali proved once again that a single European Union defence policy doesn’t exist. By going alone to Mali, France has put the interests of other EU Member States at risk. This is a strategic mistake.
Beyond the domestic political thinking, there lie as well economic interests, especially in Mali.
In conclusion, Hollande has adopted Sarkozy's recipe: when you lose popularity at the national level, shine at the international one, even by declaring war. Hollande also went to Mali with an eye on 2014 French municipal elections and European elections, and on 2017 Presidential elections.

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