Friday, April 22, 2011

EU High Representative must request enlargement of UNSC resolution 1973

EU High Representative must request enlargement of UNSC resolution 1973 to prevent a massacre in Mirsrata

The United Kingdom is sending military advisers to assist Libyan rebels, whilst the chairman of the French foreign affairs committee suggests that French commandos should be deployed to assist in guiding air strikes.

Guy Verhofstadt, Liberal group leader in the European Parliament, commented that the EU is lacking a coordinated strategy on how to respond to developments in Libya:

"The lack of a coordinated EU response to the continuing conflict in Libya has left Member States, who are participating in the UN sanctioned Libyan protection force, struggling to match the needs on the ground with the limitations of air strikes in what is essentially now a ground war."

"The four EU members of the UN Security Council must urgently bring the matter up at the international level and seek clarification or enlargement of the mandate of UNSC resolution 1973, in particular on the provision to protect civilians by 'all necessary means'.  The use of heavy munitions and cluster bombs by Gaddafi forces in residential areas of Misrata is in blatant contravention of international law and is resulting in indiscriminate civilian casualties".

"We now call on the EU's High Representative for external action to take the initiative to define a common policy and action by UK, France, Germany and Portugal on the United Nations Security Council with respect to reinforcing the mandate to protect civilian life."

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