Sunday, April 17, 2011

The United Nations will watch over Gaza

Who knows? The UN might one day decide to implement its doctrine of 'responsibility to protect' during a Hamas-Israel conflict. Seems unlikely? So did the initiative for a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state a few months ago.

"From Israel's point of view, this means that in a future military confrontation with Hamas, the UN reaction will not be influenced by an op-ed by Richard Goldstone expressing regret. A move by the Security Council during an Israeli military campaign against Hamas could find expression in the new concept of UN military intervention to prevent the killing of civilians. The chances of an initiative to send an international peacekeeping force to the Gaza Strip in the event of a large campaign against Hamas seems to be negligible right now. But if the deadlocked peace process continues without a move from Jerusalem, any move that breaks the stalemate that Israel's leaders are addicted to will receive wholesale support from the United Nations"

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