Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ALDE group to open office in Cairo to support Arab Spring

Extraordinary times need extraordinary measures. One of the most important lessons from 1989 is that after a democratic revolution we need not only to support civil society but also the political parties. That is why the ALDE Group has just decided to send one of its staff members to the Arab world to support liberal and democratic forces.

Guy Verhofstadt: "The Arab Spring is changing the face of the world. Everyone should contribute in trying to make this democratic process succeed. We are the first political group in the European Parliament to take this exceptional step by sending one of our staff to Cairo. The task will be to identify and support liberal and democratic forces and to establish contacts between them and the ALDE Group. This is part of our commitment to all those people in the Arab world who are fighting day and night for liberty, democracy and justice."

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