Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obamas’ 2011 assets valued at as much as $8 million, financial disclosure forms show

"According to disclosure forms released Tuesday by the White House, the Obamas in 2011 held total assets ranging from $2,566,000 to $8,265,000."


  1. #Excellent #Obama2012 ... making wise investments. My president should be wise & prosperous. I believe Obama lives by high ethical standards and I trust him. I will not judge a man based on his bank account. However, where assets may have or hold conflict of interest in public office, and decision making, that is another matter all together, and I will address it again and again. If Obama's assets are of conflict of interest in regards to decisions that may result in unfair process I will be the first to write Obama a letter concerning the matter.

    Money is not good or bad, it is what people do with it that makes it so.

  2. Very interesting though, I am relieved to know Obama is not living off the lousy President's pay alone!